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MD Sports

The Marriage of Medicine and Sports

It is clear from the research that high-velocity, low-load training is related to an ability to produce force quickly and has implications for activities of daily living as well as athletic endeavors. High velocity exercise results in specific high velocity adaptations and should be employed when attempting to increase high speed movements.

Sports that require athletes to sprint faster or jump higher may benefit from assisted training that mimics sport specific movement speeds. Since maximizing speed is one of the most desired goals for fitness and performance, implementing innovative over-speed methods within a training program can aid in maximizing performance…


Tennis Fitness Exercise

Tennis Fitness Drills and Exercises

Most tennis players dread the process of undergoing the various intensive tennis fitness drills mentioned below, but these drills can have a substantial impact on a tennis player’s speed, agility and explosiveness on the tennis court…


Dr. Hillel Z. Harris, M.D.

As an emergency physician, I have treated patients in their worst hour. I have taken care of patients who have had having difficulty breathing due to heart failure and lung disease. I have seen the effects of debilitating illness wreak havoc on peoples’ quality of life. I have cared for diabetics who have lost limbs, young people with strokes, heart attack victims, and patients who have come to the ER in full cardiac arrest…


Sports Medicine Doctor – MD Sports

Planning to keep people healthy and active is just now becoming recognized as medicine.

I have dedicated my life to saving people at their end-stage illnesses. Let’s work on optimizing health to enable people to live a life free of chronic illnesses and debilitation.

Let’s get our bodies moving in the way they were designed to move, and in that way they will keep us healthy and functioning at their peak performance…


Taking Control of Our Health

Let’s focus on preventative health, and optimizing our chances for staying healthy. This is easier said than done. It takes discipline to take control of your health, but like everything else, it takes practice and guidance until it becomes easier. The first step is dissecting the wealth of information available regarding nutrition, exercise, and stress. Understanding the way nutrition influences how we feel, how we store fat, how we prevent diabetes from developing, is key to our health. Exercise is important for keeping a low body weight, by building both muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness. Physical activity can actually cause neurogenesis, or the creation of new brain cells.